Like all illustrators, I love tea, cats, and coffee! You can wake me up for Italian food or a good film. My life is an endless collection of the little life moments I cherish. Being my own boss, drawing from my home studio, interacting with my clients, seeing the sunlight through the leaves (or as the Japanese so lovely call it

'Komorebi'), laughing with a neighbor or a friend; it's all too precious!

I knew I wanted to become an artist (illustrator) since I was a kid. I would draw endlessly and use my father's materials or take clothing apart and put it back together. My field of interest has always been quite broad. Deciding on a specialism wasn't easy. I loved films and animation but also wanted to draw. Drawing became as important as breathing, eating, and sleeping! I couldn't stop! So, after a long road of discovering different art specialties, I decided on a Bachelor of Design Study 'Illustration' at the Art Academy in Breda. It was the only way to combine my cinematic way of creating an artwork with analog and digital techniques without limiting myself too much within the work field. In my third year, I applied for internships at different theatre and film companies in Amsterdam, and I was accepted at all of them. I closed off my education years being an apprentice of a well-known theatre designer and started my own company in 2013.

After a couple of years of part-time work in restaurants and shops, I was finally ready to take the plunge to go full freelance in 2017! I've now been a full-time freelancer for six years, and I couldn't be more grateful. My studio offers high-quality Concept Art, Character Design, Graphic Design and, Illustrations for books, theatre, film, and print. With over nine years of work experience, I'm ready to take on the job! My designs are unique, hand-drawn, and contain a natural elegance. My intrinsic and natural capacity for understanding color and light make my creations versatile and layered. I value personal contact and open communication above all else. I'm trustworthy and will always strive to create artwork that suits you or your company best!

Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any further questions or want to talk about your idea or project! I'd love to see if I can help you.